Tea Categories


Seven main categories include Green TeaWhite TeaYellow TeaOolong TeaBlack TeaDark Tea, and Flower Tea.

Green Tea is non-fermented (naturally oxidised) tea. It contains the highest antioxidants content and the lowest caffeine content.

White Tea and Yellow Tea is slightly fermented tea. The antioxidants in the tea leaves are well preserved.

Oolong Tea is partially fermented tea. It is always known for its fragrance and high antioxidants content.

Black Tea is fully fermented tea. Even though it has the highest caffeine content, it is still much lower than coffee. Black tea is the best tea for the stomach because it is lack of tea polyphenols.

Dark Tea is post-fermented tea. It is considered to be the best tea for long-term collection. Tea leaves will be continuously oxidised once keep them in a ventilated and dry place which is absent from foreign odour.

The most famous Flower Tea is Jasmine tea. Flower tea has a strong floral aroma.